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Posted by EminentAustin - 2 days ago

Hey Guys! Sorry for the sudden deletion of my channel today, but I just created a new Instagram (@eminentaustin) to mark a new era in my audio career, and to disconnect my talents from my family life, since my content turns out to be a burden hanging over my family.

Word of advice, DO NOT let ANYONE define who you are or what you do! 

If you are good at it, and it makes you happy, scrap every and all toxic people out of your creative life, and only let in those who support you!

For more on my content, follow me on here, or on TikTok, and most of all, follow me on NewGrounds for new content!

Posted by EminentAustin - August 15th, 2020

FINALLY! After five days of construction and a frustrating cycle of interruptions, S3E3 of Thrilling Villains "The Origins of Scarecrow" is FINALLY HERE!

And now celebrating the return of the series, I am OFFICIALLY accepting recommendations for villains in ANY MEDIA for the next episode! If you love Thrilling Villains, STAY TUNED, S3E4 will be going under production later today!


Posted by EminentAustin - August 14th, 2020

YEEEEEEEEEEES! Now with the recordings FINALLY DONE, S3E3 of Thrilling Villains will be uploaded either tomorrow or the day after!!!


Posted by EminentAustin - August 14th, 2020

With all the construction in the house FINALLY DONE, its time to start recording! S3E3 of Thrilling Villains, "The Origins of Scarecrow" is coming to NewGrounds real soon. Stay tuned!


Posted by EminentAustin - August 8th, 2020

Fate sure has a funny way of screwing you over.

Despite the sudden need for a Tim-Allen-like Home Improvement project around here, I have no choice but to post-pone S3E3 of Thrilling Villains and all audio projects until further notice.

As much is it kills me inside to have to do this, even for a few days, you guys deserve much better than the delivery of bad audio just for the sake of getting a new episode out for you. 

Until production resumes, I will still be uploading to NewGrounds, Wattpad, and Tap daily, and I will be working behind the scenes to be getting scripts for new episodes ready.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope you all understand. 

As you can see, I'm just as unhappy about it.


Posted by EminentAustin - August 7th, 2020

HOLY. MOLY. I cannot put into words to explain how AMAZING the script for S3E3 of Thrilling Villains is! Seriously, guys, I'm speechless here lol. I did not expect to be going back to Thrilling Villains, but now you can bet I am DEFINITELY glad I did! 

And with that being said, I am SO EXCITED to announce that the newest episode of Thrilling Villains is coming out IN TWO DAYS!


Posted by EminentAustin - August 6th, 2020

So, I just uploaded the first two episodes of Season 3 of Thrilling Villains. The reason why I have decided to go out of order is because I'm working on the third episode of Season 3 right now, and it should be coming out real soon.

Don't worry, this is not putting an end to uploading all the old seasons of Thrilling Villains and Tour Lore, it's still going on. I just wanna entertain you guy with new and fresh episodes while uploading the classics!

Posted by EminentAustin - August 2nd, 2020

Putting Ancient Pain to bed and refusing to abandon NewGrounds for a while again, starting today, I am uploading Seasons 1-3 of Thrilling Villains and Seasons 1 & 2 of Tour Lore on NewGrounds daily.

Keep in mind these are old episodes that are being re-uploaded and that this is in no way indicating I am continuing either series.

Each series will be uploaded in a pattern; Starting with Thrilling Villains today, Tour Lore tomorrow and the pattern will repeat itself til the end.

To check out both series click the link in my bio and hit the "NewGrounds" tabiu_150959_7788561.jpg